Olivia Osol

Actress & Private Coach


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A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Helena Casa Duse - Craig Bacon, James Ortiz
THE EAST VILLAGE CHRONICLES Blondie / Nina The Metropolitan Playhouse - Jason Jacobs
TWELFTH NIGHT* Maria Casa Duse - Craig Bacon
FREE DELIVERY Olive James Ortiz
LUMINESCENT BLUES Blue Theatre for the New City - Sarah Semlear
NO ONE IS EXCUSED… Lila / Mitzi Shapiro Studio - Shannon Fillion
THERE ARE CRIMES AND CRIMES Chorus Horace Mann Theatre - Shannon Fillion
MAKE IT PLAY Principal Playwright’s Horizon - Kip Fagan
A Doll’s House, Part 2 Emmy Asolo Repertory - Peter Amster
The Crucible Sarah Good / Martha Asolo Repertory - Michael Donald Edwards
The Crucible Elizabeth Proctor (U/S) Asolo Repertory - Michael Donald Edwards
The Tempest Ariel Asolo Repertory - Celine Rosenthal
The Little Foxes Regina (U/S) Asolo Repertory - Frank Galati
Oedipus Jocasta Asolo Conservatory - Greg Leaming
The Rehearsal The Countess Asolo Conservatory - Ashley Teague
Much Ado About Nothing Don Pedro / Clown Asolo Conservatory - Jonathan Epstein
ENGLISH MADE SIMPLE Jill Emelin Theatre - Darrell Larson


MFA - FSU Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training

BFA - SUNY Purchase Conservatory for Theatre Arts and Film

Shakespeare and Company, Training Intensive

Acting: Andrei Malaev Babel, Jonny Epstein, Lisa Benavides-Nelson, Charles Tuthill, Joan Potter, Chris McCann, A.Dean Irby, Andrew Borthwick Leslie, Michael Toomey, Mark Cohen, Constance Crawford

Voice: Patricia Delorey, Leigh Dillon, David Wells, Craig Bacon, Patsy Rodenburg, Charmian Hoare 

Movement: Eliza Ladd, Jill Echo, Richard Crawford, Ronni Stewart 

Singing: David Brunetti

Improv: Cathryn Mudon (UCB)

Clown: Frank Deal, Trey Lyford

Mime: Bill Bowers

Combat: Robert Westley, J. Allen Suddeth

Business: Terry Saperstein

Forum: Claire Warden, Sybille Bruun


Improv, IPA Dialects: Boston, London, RP, Cockney, Irish, SAFD certified unarmed stage combat, Singing: Mezzo Soprano, Yoga, Passport