Olivia Osol

Actress & Private Coach



I like to have a functional approach to acting. Let’s figure out what works for you. I’m not trying to apply one ideology to every person. The best way to do it is to jump into a studio / space together and get to work. We can rent studio space in Manhattan for a small fee or make other arrangements including FaceTime/ Skype for those last minute audition brush ups. In all cases you will share the work and I will let you know if it is clear, if it works out of context, if it’s lining up with your intentions for the work, and so on, and we will fine tune things together until you feel good!

 I have been studying the Linklater technique for twelve years.  I studied with Craig Bacon, a designated Linklater teacher, at SUNY Purchase.  He is my mentor, and I have examined him teaching the Linklater warm up and then integrating the technique to coach students with their work.  I have also examined him as the director of multiple Shakespeare productions with New Place Players.  I also studied with Guy Molnar and Gwendolyn Schwinke while attending an acting intensive with Shakespeare and Company in 2015. While getting my MFA I have been studying the Fitzmaurice approach to voice training with Patricia Delorey as well as studying in London with Patsy Rodenburg and Charmian Hoare. Voice work is now used in many fields to help people with a large variety of needs. Whether you are an actor who wants to expand your capacity for breath and your ability to be heard without pushing or a public speaker who wants to improve your clarity of thought and expression, I can help.

The actor expression through voice is extremely important as it is revelatory of the whole range of thought and emotion.  To explore the connection with voice is to explore the connection to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual life of the actor. 

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